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Barielle's unique approach for treating, protecting and maintaining nails and skin has made it the leading prestige Nail, Hand, and Foot care line sold in the United States.


Barielle uses safe, effective natural ingredients like keratin, natural protein, gelatin, Vitamin E, Sunflower and Safflower oils and plant extracts. None of Barielle's treatment formulas contain lye, formaldehyde, toluol or toluene- ingredients that are harsh, possibly carcinogenic or reproductive toxins.


Barielle's hard working collection of treatment products stands alone in its dedication to making nails, hands and feet truly beautiful and healthy. Barielle is synonymous with outstanding quality, value, and delivering clearly visible results.


Created over 25 years ago, Barielle was the very first company to devise beauty products through a treatment for horses. Grooms using a cream to treat the damaged hooves of thoroughbreds discovered dramatic improvements in their own nails as well. The formula was refined, introduced and the result was the Barielle Nail Strengthener Cream- which has since become one of the most successful prestige nail care products made in the United States and used world-wide.