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Be bold, brilliant with spring cosmetics

By Al Varela

Dear Al: I am looking for a quick update to my makeup for spring. What can I do to keep in style without becoming a fashion victim?

This season the look in clothes and cosmetics has a strong sense of color and for the first time in years the cosmetic industry is in sync with the fashion industry. A touch of shimmer in eye shadows, blushes and lipsticks is very popular.

Selecting new colors for the spring and summer starts with a foundation that should match the skin tone of your neck. Do not make the mistake of changing your foundation to a darker color just because we are headed toward summer.

Apply a bronzing powder to the entire face over the foundation. Let the bronzing powder enhance any deep, summer facial tones. T-Le Clerc cosmetics has introduced a new color called Canelle that works beautifully for spring and summer.

Next define the eyebrows with a color of taupe or blonde even if you are a brunette. Give definition to the brows but avoid overpowering them with dark colors.

Line the eyes with a pencil that has a base of charcoal. Blue, green and bronze are specialty colors that give liners a new and fresh image. Remember to always smudge your liner to prevent a harsh, hard look to the eye.

Then use a liquid eye shadow base on the entire eye lid. Colors like champagne, silver and pink add a shimmer to the eyelids. And for those women who say they are too old for these shimmer colors, remember that these bases are designed to reflect light and can keep dark lines from showing up.

The eye shadows this season are in a range of colors, from purple to pink, taupe, green, yellow and turquoise. Remember that blending with a sponge in an upward direction gives an open look to the eye. Follow with one coat of mascara to define the lashes. A heavy mascara resulting in a spider look is definitely out.

Blush colors have combined with orange, pink and brown to create a sun kissed contour to the face. These blush colors can be used with any color of lipstick. Finish up with the wonderful effect of a sheer lipstick in a brown, pink, orange or even green for a light spring look.

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