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Hydrate older skin; lessen wrinkles

By Al Varela

Dear Al: I am a senior woman and have been faithfully wearing makeup most of my life. After seeing myself in recent photographs I noticed that my wrinkles are becoming more visible. My makeup does not seem to help. Is there a trick to doing makeup that will cover the wrinkles?

A common mistake women make is thinking that their makeup will be able to cover their wrinkles. Unless of course you have access to sophisticated theatrical makeup and are able to spend hours a day getting your makeup done by an experienced professional.

The more sensible approach is to realize what the real problem is. As you age your skin gradually grows thinner, renews itself less often, produces less oil and shows more wrinkles. The lack of oil and hydration common with older skin makes the wrinkles more noticeable.

Many older women are in the habit of using a powder foundation that has a tendency to draw any available moisture from their dry skin adding to the problem. Powder foundation works well for normal to oily skin. It should not be used on dry skin.

Rather than trying to cover the wrinkles the answer is to lessen the severity of the wrinkles through better skin care. It is important that you use cleansers, toners and exfoliating products that will not dry the skin. Cleansing your skin with bar soap and toners with alcohol or witch hazel should be avoided. A milk or water-soluble cleanser is recommended since they leave a light emollient film on the surface to soothe dry skin.

In order to hydrate and plump up the skin be sure to use a water and oil emulsion moisturizer since it is more easily absorbed into the skin. I have seen excellent results with the B21 Intensive Nurturing Care cream by Orlane and the Cellex C High Potency Serum.

When applying makeup, be sure to start by choosing a color that will even out your skin tone and texture. An oil based liquid foundation moves easily over the skin and is great for very dry and mature skin. The extra emollients in this type of foundation keeps in the skin's own moisture.

Your foundation should not have a matte or flat look. It should have a slight shine to give the appearance of healthy skin. A light dusting of translucent powder can be used to set the makeup. Remember to use a powder brush for application and avoid powder puffs.

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