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Makeovers are ideal to not look out of date

By Al Varela

Dear Al: A friend told me that my hair and makeup are outdated and that I should get a complete makeover. I have never felt the need to stand out by being trendy. What does a complete makeover involve and is it really necessary?

The next time you see a classic 1954 Ford going down the road be sure to notice how well it doesn't blend in with the rest of the traffic. If you are trying to avoid standing out in a crowd then a makeover is probably exactly what you need.

A makeover not only includes updating your cosmetics but also can include hairstyles, clothing and accessories along with eye wear, jewelry and shoes. Remember that big-lens glasses, broom skirts, wide-collar blouses and anklets are styles and trends from the past and do not have a place in today's woman's attire.

Trends in fashion should not be considered a negative thing. Fashion is the result of artistic progress and it usually comes about to answer changing needs in our daily lives.

Hair stylists constantly attend seminars and classes to learn new techniques and methods to meet the demands of today's woman who needs a finished look without the fuss to fit her busy lifestyle. Many times a dated look is the fault of an out-of-touch hair stylist.

Cosmetics are also constantly changing to meet the demands of today's woman. Moisturizers, lipsticks and foundations that contain sun blocks, talc-free powders, longer-lasting eye shadows and curling mascara are a few examples of improvements made to cosmetics to make life easier for women.

Packaging also plays a tremendous role in giving women the ability to touch up and even change their makeup for an evening out after work.

An understanding of color, style and design allows me to make quick evaluations during my makeover sessions. On occasion I have also accompanied clients to hairdressers, clothing stores and optical shops to assure the success of the makeover.

As we see legends of the silver screen such as Lauren Bacall, Sophia Loren, Ann Margret and Raquel Welch age, they still maintain a timeless look thanks to constant evaluations of makeup, hair and clothes.

Evaluations like these will keep you from being caught in a time warp and looking like Baby Jane.

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