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Red can work for all ages

By Al Varela

Dear Al: All the fashion magazines show red as the hottest new color in clothes and makeup. I am afraid of wearing red lipstick since my age is approaching 60. What should I do?

Just when you thought you had settled into your comfort zone of brownish pinks and neutral mauves -- now fashion dictates red!

Don’t feel like the fashion police are going to give you a ticket if you’re not wearing red. But, there are many ways that red can appeal to all ages when properly applied. Reds come in many shades from a blue red to an orange red. Getting advice from a professional makeup artist will help you select the most complimentary colors for the season.

Remember that skin, eye and hair color determines the color of makeup that you wear. Lip shape and size can also affect which shade of red looks best. For a woman with thin lips, the deeper the red the more pronounced the lips may look. This woman should use a lighter shade of red perhaps one that has more rose than blue.

Women with graying hair frequently experience a problem with their favorite red lip color since the contrast is no longer what it used to be. Depending on the degree of graying she is encountering a new color may be necessary. Coloring out the gray in the hair is also an option to restore the original contrast.

Red lipstick should be an accessory color to your outfit and can be a great accent to the fashion color of the season.

Too much of the same color of red is not acceptable. So don’t try to match the color exactly, especially if you have a red turtle neck. Allow the style and design of your outfit to have some touches of color that breaks the monotony of so much red. One example is a white blouse with a red blazer or a string of pearls over a red dress.

Another way to vary the red in your makeup is to use a lip liner that is a deeper shade of red than your lipstick. This allows the red to show up without it being monotonous. Lip liners are used to increase or decrease the impact of the red lipstick.

So if the fashion magazines have you seeing red, don’t panic. With a little experimentation you can make red work for you.

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