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Touch-up can fix smeared eyeliner

By Al Varela

Dear Al: I always seem to get a smeared look around my eyes after about three hours from the time I first put on my makeup. What can I do to keep this black liner from ending up all over my eyes making me look like a raccoon?

I know that some women expect their makeup to last all day, but even the most professional makeup job requires a touchup from time to time. In fact, your expectation on how long makeup will last depends on several factors.

You say your makeup lasts about 3 hours, but it’s not uncommon for makeup to need a little work after just a couple of hours, depending upon your skin type.

The eyeliner problem is definitely a common one with women and there are several solutions that will keep you from looking like a big eyed raccoon.

First, if you apply a heavy moisturizer around the eyes, it will create a barrier that will make everything else float on top of it, resulting in a smeared appearance. It is important that the moisturizer used around the eye area is actually made for that purpose.

Also, the shape of the eye and the temperature of the skin can have an adverse effect on keeping your eyeliner in place. If the shape of your eye is very deep-set, then the warmth of the body is going to melt away the wax based liner.

To help remedy this and make your liner last as long as possible, use a liquid liner. Do not apply a heavy line. It can also be used as a wash around the eye so that it will stay in place. This is a good method if you’re prone to perspiration or are involved in sports activities.

Powdered eyeliners can also last a good while, and are a good option for defining the eyes without using a pencil. The brush used with powder should have a slight slant and be relatively thin to give the desired effect. By using a few drops of water, some powdered liners can be turned into a liquid liner. Whether you use pencil, powder or liquid follow the line of your eye and never go beyond the actual shape of your eye to avoid an exaggerated, heavy makeup look.

To achieve a classic appearance that will stand the test of time, don’t be afraid to touch up that makeup every few hours to keep it looking as beautiful as when you first put it on.

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