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Creams can reduce wrinkles

By Al Varela

Dear Al: I'm a 34-year-old man and have been using skin creams and wearing sunglasses to deter wrinkles around my eyes, but nothing seems to work. I've also noticed wrinkles forming on my forehead as well. Is there any secret to avoiding this, or is this something I'm going to have to "face" as I grow older.

Many plastic surgeons and dermatologists have determined that sun damage and the test of time are what ruin your skin. Genes and hereditary factors have a lot to do with determining the type of skin we have. Some people are born with more resilient skin, while other less-fortunate people have more problematic skin that is prone to wrinkles and other damage.

But even if the genetic cards you were dealt aren't the greatest, using good skin moisturizers and sun protectors are still going to give you your best chance of lessening the appearance of wrinkles.

Many people call forehead wrinkles "teacher lines." They got that name because teachers would sit at a desk and rather than lifting their head to look around, they simply raised their eyes and furrowed their brow. This makes the forehead and the brow area a vulnerable part of the face. Accordingly, moisturizers are important in softening these "expression lines."

The wrinkles you are describing are caused mostly by the lack of moisture in the skin. Your various facial expressions cause the skin to crease resulting in visible wrinkles. The creams you are using are not sufficiently moisturizing the skin.

This may be due to the quality of the moisturizer or the fact that you are not properly preparing the skin before the moisturizer is applied. In order to get the maximum effect from your moisturizer it is important to properly cleanse and exfoliate the skin. This removes any dead skin cells that have built up that can magnify the appearance of wrinkles.

When you use moisturizers and creams as part of a true regimen that includes proper cleansing and exfoliation, your skin's future will be so bright that you will want to keep those shades.

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