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Aloe helps lessen look of scars

By Al Varela

Dear Al: I recently had some surgery that will leave me with a small scar. I have heard that there are products available that can help to minimize the scar. Do you have any suggestions?

After making sure that your surgeon did a masterful job of suturing your wound without using the Dr. Frankenstein X's that ended up on our favorite monster, it's time to begin treatments that can possibly help to minimize your scarring.

Several products are available that can help you attain the results you want. The most effective of all the scar-minimizing products usually contain Aloe Vera and vitamin extracts. However, you have to remember that these products in concentrated form can cause a negative reaction in some people. But in the right amounts and in quality products, these preparations are quite effective in helping the skin to heal in a way that minimizes the appearance of surgical scars.

One product I recommend is Decleor Gel Prolagene. It has these ingredients in the proper, smaller amounts and has proven to be effective for many people in achieving this goal. By using it twice a day and massaging the product into the scar you can attain progress, no matter if the scar is on the face or the body. You should use it morning and night before applying your moisturizer.

The proper way to massage is in small circular motions from one end of the scar to the other. The act of massaging the scar with the gel is effective because it stimulates blood flow and it speeds the healing process. Such a regimen helps prevent a scar from becoming thick, uneven or wide.

This treatment also helps to prevent the formation of keloid scars, which often must be revised by a plastic surgeon. Always remember to use a sun protectant if you are in the sun very much, as scars have a tendency to hyper pigment.

There's a fine line between wearing your scars as a badge of courage and making them barely visible. When it comes to surgical scars, X doesn't need to mark the spot.

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