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Wand makes gray hair disappear

By Al Varela

Dear Al: I recently found out that my aunt uses mascara to cover some of the gray in her hair. Is mascara a recommended use for such touch-ups?

Picture this. Your uncle sits down and gazes into your aunt's eyes. The sparkle of love is radiating. He leans forward and runs his fingers through her hair. But, instead of the start to a romantic evening, he ends up with blobs of mascara on his hands.

Talk about a mood killer!

Mascara is intended for eye lashes and that is where it ultimately needs to be brushed. It should not be used to cover up graying hair.

However, there is a new product that has been successful in keeping up with today's world of fashion, and more appropriate for what your aunt and others like her need. They are called Tony and Tina's Hair Wands.

These wands have applicators much like that in a mascara tube, but have a longer handle and have a fuller brush to be able to cover a wider area faster.

Tony and Tina have created these wands in a variety of shades and colors, from basic black, brown and gray, to a gamut of colors such as blue, red, orange, green and purple. To add a bit of sparkle, they also have created glitter wands.

It's a great product for touching up areas of gray. I've even indulged by using a wand to cover some gray in my beard.

And, all are easy to use. After you wash and dry your hair, take a wand and brush from the scalp to the end in small sections. Allow it to dry and then you can brush through with your regular hair brush and style as usual.

Unlike homemade concoctions used by teens and older folks alike to tint their hair, you don't have to mix anything and when you are done you simply wash it out.

It's a fun way for a woman to get a sense of what highlights and colors will look like before going to their hair stylist and making the change permanent.

Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to change your appearance with the flick of a wand!

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