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Change makeup with your hair color

By Al Varela

Dear Al: I went from being a fair-haired blond to coloring my blond hair at least two shades darker. My makeup doesn't seem to match my new hair color now. I am 46 years old and don't want to wear a lot of makeup. What can you advise me to do?

Taking a step to change your hair color should not be so frightening. When it comes to makeup, women often are creatures of habit and try to seek advice from family and friends. Although they mean well, they may not necessarily offer a new and different point of view. So, seek the advice of a professional makeup artist to give you pointers and ideas on what to do.

At your age, women start to lose the contrast between their skin tone and hair color. Even though you have darkened your hair color it is important to add a few highlights.

Your new change requires a re-evaluation of your foundation color. I advise that you go from an oil-free or powder based foundation to a more hydrating or cream foundation. This will allow you to use less foundation, but will still give you an even skin tone.

In addition, many women fail to think about their eyebrows when they change their makeup. Eyebrows need definition and that can be achieved with a soft shade of powder cake liner. Framing of the face is important for bringing back a contrast. Line the eyes with charcoal gray to brownish gray to give definition to the eye area. You should avoid black liners because they are too harsh. Also, use a lighter base all over the eyelid area. You will want to achieve a slight luminescence to the eye area.

Next, try a new shade of eye shadow. I recommend that you use two contrasting colors opposed. For example, don't use pink and purple. Instead, use a brown or reddish brown with a purple. It will cause a sharper contrast for the eyes, especially for women who have blue, green or hazel eyes.

For those women who have dark or brown eyes, use a shade of green with a purple to give the eyes a contrast. Always finish the eye area by using black mascara, no matter how light your lashes are.

Another important thing to remember when changing hair color and updating makeup is to get a new lipstick and lip liner. Sometimes women who have light blond hair often have the idea that they can only use bright pink and orange colors. But, try colors that have brown bases along with the pinks and the oranges.

Make sure that the lip liner is not so deep that you can see the line around the mouth. And, don't exaggerate the lip by over-lining them.

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