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Keep hands beautiful

By Al Varela

Dear Al: I am really upset at how my hands look. The skin around my nails is hard and splitting. Not only is it painful, but also, it looks ugly. Are there products to keep my cuticles soft and what do you recommend for overall hand care? I want my hands looking young again.

While they spend lots of time and money on facial beauty, many women keep hand care at arm's length.

For most people the hands are continuously exposed to the elements, the dying sun and wind, and dirt and pollutants. We perform most of our daily tasks with our hands, and thus expose them to everything from cleaning agents to the dirt in our garden. No matter what your job is, odds are you use your hands to perform it. So, let's show our hands a little respect.

The face may be the most obvious feature that a person has. After all, when we meet a person the first thing we do is look into their eyes. But, I've always said you can tell a lot about a woman by looking at her hands, including her age.

Many beautiful women do not realize that their hands are an important part of their overall look. A daily ritual of hand care is essential to keeping your hands healthy and looking young.

Begin by applying moisturizer on a daily basis. You will want to use one that contains sun screen. Also, use a facial-hydration masque twice a month on your hands. This will rid your hands of dead skin and help maintain softness.

There are many products available for taking care of your hands. Kiehl's has a great cuticle cream that will help prevent that painful splitting and dryness you are experiencing. Orlane makes a serum for daily moisturizing that works very well.

One of the most interesting stories behind a product line is that of Linda Rose, an internationally known hand model who developed a line of products intended for the hands.

Her hand-care system has products that aid in diminishing age spots, softening wrinkles and lines, reducing skin irritation and protecting your hands from the sun. It is this complete approach that can make your hand care successful.

Keeping your hands beautiful requires some work, but with the right products and a little commitment the answer could be right in the palm of your hands.

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