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Use blush solely on cheeks

By Al Varela

Dear Al: I have been using the same blush color for the last year. I would like to break free of this bright pink blush and try a new color. My skin has some red tones to it and this color seems to clash with my skin tone. What can I do to soften this bright color and get a fresh look?

You must realize that blush is not intended to give color to the whole face. It is meant for use on the cheeks only. And, because it is used in this small area, the proper color and how it is applied is the difference between getting "the look", instead of just "looks."

The first thing you need to do is tone down that pink! You can do that by starting with a bronzing powder as a base. It will give you a more even tone and help with minimizing the red tones in your skin.

While we want to tone the pink down, we don't want to get rid of any color on your cheeks. So apply light touches of your blush color on the cheek area. Remember to use that imaginary line outside of the mouth and outside of the eye, to make sure your blush is contained to the right area. Blush should not be applied toward your nose or down to the jaw-line.

Always use a brush and not your makeup sponge, when applying blush. A contour brush helps the blush go on easier, resulting in a near perfect application. Then, you can use your makeup sponge to help feather the edges and make sure there is no line of demarcation.

And perhaps the most important thing of all, is to check with a professional to help you find the right color for your skin and for that look you are aiming to achieve. Also, use your visit to the expert as a chance to preview all of those new summer colors.

It's no fun guessing which color is best for you, so don't be embarrassed to seek professional advice. After all, we want you to blush with beauty, not embarrassment.

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