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Keep feet neat to capitalize on summer

By Al Varela

Dear Al: I am looking forward to wearing some of the fabulous sandals and slides that are out for the summer season. I want my feet to look their best. What are some products available to help me keep my feet looking smooth and soft, and what are this season's new nail polish colors that can give my feet that great fun look?

Cool weather is behind us, and now with a little maintenance and some TLC we can get your feet in the kind of shape that you'll actually want people to see them.

Yes, sandals and slides have always been cool attire for warm weather, but many people have been reluctant to bare all from the ankle down.

The skin on our feet is more sensitive than even our hands. But instead of kind attention, it is surprising how many people totally ignore foot care.

Your first step toward a foot tune-up is a pedicure. In fact, people who pamper their feet get pedicures on a regular basis. Once that is done the next step is maintenance. There is more to taking care of your feet than just getting off of them at the end of the day.

When you are in your daily bath or shower, use a pumice stone to smooth rough spots. Next you will want to exfoliate your feet. Many people only think of exfoliating in terms of their facial skin care, but ridding your feet of dead skin is important in achieving soft, lovely feet.

You can also use a masque on your feet to tighten the pores. Finally, moisturizing your feet will keep them soft and will enhance the feel and appearance of your skin.

Linda Rose, a famous hand model, who saw the importance of proper skin care for the hands and feet, actually produces a skin care system for the feet. This line has creams to exfoliate, moisturize and pamper your feet from the toes to the top of your ankles.

Once you have your skin in the shape you want it, it's time to add a little color by selecting one of the many polishes that can be applied to toenails. Pinks, oranges and purples will make a splash this summer. But there is nothing wrong with those reliable reds and neutral colors to give you the look you are trying to achieve.

So put that best foot forward, find the sandals of your dreams and step out with confidence this summer.

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