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Makeup should be part of a daily ritual

By Al Varela

Dear Al: I rarely wear makeup since I am a housewife and spend most of my day at home. Is there a quick and simple way to put on my makeup for times when I go out to do errands?

Rather than learning a quick "errand running" makeup technique, I advise a simple daily makeup routine. One that can be done easily and give you a positive start to your day.

Wearing makeup on a daily basis should be as much a ritual as getting out of bed, showering, brushing your teeth and picking out what you will wear. It has to do with feeling better about yourself by covering up any uneven skin-tone, pale lips and circles under your eyes.

Being a housewife does not mean that you do not have to wear makeup. I grew up in a family where my mother did not work outside of the home, and not one day went by where I saw my mother without makeup and dressed for the day.

I remember when my grandmother was visiting that she asked my mother where she was going since she was all dressed and made-up. My mother's response was, "to the backyard to hang the laundry".

She was always ready to face the mailman, a door to door salesman or ready to cross the street to my school to retrieve me when I was sick!

Women who have lost their eyebrows and hair because of radiation treatment or chemotherapy have called me to help them with their makeup since it made them feel better about themselves and helped them maintain a positive attitude.

I would advise you to wear a tinted moisturizer on a daily basis. You have to moisturize anyway so now you can use one with a little tint to give you an even skin tone. Now you're ready in case you have to run an errand.

Always have a lipstick in a neutral tone ready to go. This lipstick color can also act as a blush by lightly streaking and blending a little color on the cheek bone area. Then a little mascara can complete your "dash out the door" look.

Remember that your knight in shining armor is less likely to show up on a horse than in a shiny repair truck.

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