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Contouring can make face appear thinner

By Al Varela

A reader writes: I have a few pounds to lose after the recent birth of my child. My face looks fuller and rounder. Is there a way to make my face look slimmer using makeup?

There is a way to give your face a slimmer look -- contour powders. Whether you are wanting to make a feature less noticeable or even draw attention to one, you must first decide if you are willing to go through this tedious process daily.

It is difficult to juggle the shading and highlighting combinations to give the optimal effect that this technique is known for. For every shaded area, there must be a corresponding highlighted area to achieve an equilibrium. Without it you can compound the problem instead of solving it, as it could look like dirty spots on your face.

Contouring cannot be appreciated up close, rather it works best if you are on a stage, on a fashion runway or when used in photography. But if you are still wanting to pursue this then you should remember that shading with dark colors will make an area less noticeable, while highlighting with pale colors draws attention to it.

Certain points where shading can give its intended effect are under the eyebrows to make the eyes look bigger, under the cheekbone to add more structure to the face resulting in a slimmer look, and under the jaw line to improve a square jaw or a very broad face. When used under the chin and at the end of the nose it helps to shorten a long face.

In order to slim a round face, use the jawline method by placing small dots in this area. Blend softly with a sponge or use your fingertips with a rocking motion. Place a highlighting color above this area using the same method of application.

Almost every cosmetic line has shading and highlighting powders for contouring available. Choosing the correct color will be the most difficult decision to make. It is best to use the advice of a professional makeup artist to help you achieve the desired look.

I recommend using the contouring powder from Makeup Forever. This line provides an exact contour and highlight powder in one compact. It's the best I've found so far!

Done correctly, contouring will add a new dimension to your look while you're melting those pounds away.

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