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Cream shadows are back in style

By Al Varela

A reader writes: I recently went shopping for eyeshadow and encountered a variety of cream eyeshadows in all sorts of small jars and wands. Are cream eye shadows a new thing and how do they compare with the powder eyeshadows I am use to wearing?

Like Joni Mitchell sings "everything comes and goes, marked by lovers and styles of clothes." Cream eyeshadows were not invented yesterday, they have been around since I have been in this business, but cosmetic companies like Stila, Orlane, Fresh and Christian Dior have reintroduced these products recently.

To give women a more versatile approach to selecting the right type and color of eye shadow sans a makeup artist, cosmetic companies are enhancing the existing powder eyeshadow lines with a collection of cream eyeshadows.

With the new technologies these cream eyeshadows have a greater variety of colors and better wearability.

Cream eyeshadows come in many colors, and choosing a neutral color is a good start. Place this color over the entire lid then blend in an upward motion .

A neutral color can usually stand alone and is an answer to those women looking for that "one thing" to make up their eyes.

Cream eyeshadows provide benefits beyond just choosing one color for the cosmetic novice. They can also be used to act as a base for the eyelid, accented with another color to give a two-color shadow.

Because some of these formulations have a shine or iridescence to them, they can be used on the entire eyelid then a secondary powder eyeshadow can be applied over the cream.

The result will be a slight shine to your powder, but with an incredible wearability to the shadow without creasing.

Most powder eye shadows are packaged with two colors that have some common characteristic. For example, pink and purple, or white and black. Occasionally, contrasting colors such as blue and fuchsia are available. They can raise some eyebrows, but also leave the consumer puzzled on how to use them. Unless you have a makeup artist to show you how such combinations can work, avoid these colors that have a trendy influence and the potential for being out of style in three months.

Single dish eyeshadows available with some cosmetic lines could be a great compliment to cream eyeshadow types. Remember to use professional tools with whichever kind of shadow you pick. Some cream shadows already come with a wand type applicator. Others should be applied with brushes and sponges. Using your finger for application should be avoided, because oil can transfer onto the eyelid causing creasing.

Once again, cream eyshadows may be the rage of yesteryear, but they have returned with a better composition and wearability than before.

Like the saying goes--"If you live long enough you see styles of shoes, clothes and cosmetic colors come back in style".

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