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Base is the foundation of makeup application

By Al Varela

A reader wants to know: I have been told that a foundation is an important part of wearing makeup. I don't like to use a foundation since it feels heavy and seems to cause me to break out. What should I do?

When the Skipper and Gilligan set out to sail on their three-hour cruise, Ginger, Mary Ann and the millionaire's wife carried enough makeup to last them for many years. They knew that the most important thing in their makeup kit was the foundation, just in case they were stranded on a desert isle.

It is unfortunate that you had such a negative encounter with your foundation. Foundation comes in many forms, textures and colors and consulting a makeup professional to guide you in your selection can prevent the problems you have described.

Foundations are made differently for women with dry, oily or normal skin types. Your cosmetic professional can help you determine your skin type and experiment with different foundations and colors for a perfect match.

You state that the foundation feels heavy on your face. This is caused by using an oil-based foundation on an oily skin type. Switching to a non-oily or a water-based foundation will solve this problem.

Your method of cleansing and moisturizing can also have a direct effect on how the foundation will respond to your skin.

If you happen to use a cleanser that is too strong and not suited to your skin type, it can strip the natural oil from the surface of the skin leaving it very dry.

Then, the application of the foundation becomes a source of moisture for the skin causing the foundation to penetrate and block the pores of the skin resulting in breakouts.

The foundation is a very important part of the makeup process since it smoothes out your skin tone and helps to cover blotches and imperfections on the skin. The foundation also enhances the wear of your blush and powders .

Besides the great visual effect a foundation can have on your skin it also protects the skin from pollution and dirt you encounter everyday in the environment. Foundations are even available with sun protection factors for extra protection.

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