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White eyeshadow stages a comeback

By Al Varela

A seasoned reader wants to know: Recently, I have noticed several women wearing white eyeshadow and it reminded me of the makeup worn in the 1960s and the 1970s. Is this a new trend in eyeshadows? Are there any rules about what colors can be worn based on the seasons? Are lighter colored eyeshadows more appropriate for spring and summer?

You have a great memory. White eyeshadow was very popular in the late '60s and early '70s. Women used to wear extreme, iridescent white tones of eyeshadow on the entire eyelid. This was topped off with thick liquid eyeliner and several coats of mascara for a look that was made famous by Twiggy and worn by any self-respecting go-go girl.

What you are seeing today is not the bright, iridescent white of that era, but more pearl whites, light pinks, soft, buttery yellows and peach shades of eyeshadow. The application is also different today as the bright eyeshadow is worn as a base color on the eyelid with a contrasting eyeshadow color applied to the outer edge of the eye.

The contrasting eyeshadow colors range from plums to forest greens and charcoal grays. These colors are used to achieve a softer, almost smoky look. Remember to use a sponge to blend the eyeshadow with an upward stroke for a more gradual transition from the bright base color.

Today's look is finished off with a soft charcoal, brown or dark green eyeliner pencil. The mascara is applied lightly using only one or two coats.

It is true that makeup colors change with the seasons. The changes are mostly influenced by trends in clothing and fashion. As the seasons change, the fabrics and styles of clothing also change to adapt to the climate. When designing makeup colors, cosmetic companies also consider the change in people's skin tone due to more or less sun exposure depending on the season.

Many times the shades of eyeshadow colors are changed from one season to the next. During the spring and summer, brighter, more intense shades of eyeshadows are used. Softer, subtler shades of eyeshadows are used during the fall and winter months.

This holiday season will be like no other that we have experienced unless you were here a thousand years ago. Silver, platinum and glitter eyeshadow will help to celebrate the dawn of the new millennium.

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