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Sun often causes pigment patches

By Al Varela

A reader wants to know: "I have seen ads for products that claim to get rid of pigment patches. Have you seen these products help with this condition, and is there something I can do to prevent pigment spots?"

The condition you have described, involves brown pigmentation marks that are usually caused by sun damage, oral contraception or pregnancy. Most cosmetic lines have a product or an entire line of products that remedy pigmentation problems. It is a good idea to develop an open relationship with your favorite cosmetic clerk who is familiar with all the products available. The skin care specialist's knowledge of the product will keep you on the right track to help with this condition.

One case that I am familiar with involved a woman who had moved to El Paso from an environment that was not conducive to sun bathing. She had experienced skin pigmentation spots during a pregnancy and after the birth of her child the pigmentation went away. When she arrived in the Sun City she started to enjoy the sun and after about one year she noticed the recurrence of her pigmentation spots. Her skin was developing brown blotchy spots.

I recommended that she use a whitening line of skin care products by Decleor. This line contains a whitening cleanser, toner; mask and moisturizer developed with ingredients to control and regulate melanin production.

This customer faithfully used all the products for a period of four months and her pigmentation spots subsided. If she continues with a daily maintenance program and uses the proper sun care products she can avoid any future problems.

Some people are more susceptible to this condition than others; however, you should get into the habit of using a moisturizer that contains a sun protection factor. Don't be fooled into thinking that sun protection is unnecessary during the winter months.

If you are prone to pigmentation problems, the winter months can also be a great time to undergo a whitening treatment since you are spending less time in the sun.

But remember that the sun may not be the only contributing factor. Many times your "tan in a bottle" is the culprit. Since it raises the melanin in the skin it can also bring out those feared blotchy spots.

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