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Avoid matching eyeshadow with outfit

By Al Varela

A reader wants to know: I am a 34-year-old woman and work at a job that requires a uniform. I love to wear makeup but I can never get it to look right when I am at work. How do I apply my makeup so it looks professional and not overdone?

Without knowing the color and style of your uniform it is impossible to give an exact solution to your problem. However, there are some basic guidelines that you can follow that should help you attain a natural and professional look for work. For the best results, you should feel free to take your uniform with you the next time you visit your makeup artist so that the best colors and makeup application can be determined.

As a rule, you should never try to match your makeup with the color of your uniform. Never wear blue eyeshadow with a blue uniform, green eyeshadow with a green uniform or rust eyeshadow with a red uniform. The only exception to the rule is a brown uniform where under certain circumstances a brown eyeshadow may be worn.

If you think some of these combinations seem humorous, believe me, I've seen it done. The most memorable time is when I actually saw a girl wearing bright purple eyeshadow to match her lilac outfit. My shock was overcome only by the incredible burger she served to me.

The easiest way to get a simple and natural look, until you are able to get a personal makeup consultation, is to avoid eyeshadow powders. You may consider a neutral, liquid eyeshadow base. This base can be applied to the eyelid to cover any discoloration and provide an even tone that looks natural and not made up. Do not use foundation to achieve this since it is too heavy for the eye area and it will run.

Use a brown or charcoal eyeliner to define the top and bottom eyelash area. Be sure to smudge after applying to soften the line. One coat of black mascara should be sufficient.

In order to get a contoured blush, be sure to use peach to brown tones and never use the pink and plum tones. Blend the blush using a sponge to avoid any definite lines or angles. To finish off your professional look, avoid using any colored lipstick. Use a neutral toned lip liner along with a colored lip gloss.

So remember, if I ever meet one of you uniformed ladies on the street and you want to criticize my driving, be sure to leave some space on the citation so I can give you a few makeup pointers.

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