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Proper preparation keeps lipstick on lips longer

By Al Varela

A reader writes: I have been using the same color of lipstick for about a year. The color does not seem to stay on very well and it always gets on my teeth. What can I do to make the color last longer on my lips and how do I keep it from getting on my teeth?

Preparing the lips for lipstick is probably one of the most important details that is often overlooked by many women. It is this step that is crucial to the staying power of lipstick.

A gentle oil free makeup remover is essential to cleanse and remove all residue from the lips. Next, at least twice a month, use a very soft bristle toothbrush and gently brush your lips to remove any build up of excess dead skin cells that accumulate over time. Always finish by applying a non-oily lip moisturizer on a daily basis to keep your lips in shape. If you use an oily moisturizer it will prevent the lipstick from staying.

In order to keep lipstick on longer use a lipliner that has a color base very close to your natural lip color. Use this pencil to outline the lip and also to fill in or color the lip area. Then apply your lipstick on top.

Remember that most matte lipsticks, although they stay on longer, can also be very drying. Make Up Forever, a professional cosmetic line from France designed for makeup artists, has lipsticks with very high color pigment. The matte colors stay on very well without drying the lips.

When choosing a lipstick, if it appears gooey or greasy, it probably contains a high amount of oil. Be sure to use a lipstick that is non-oily and that contains a sunblock for staying power that will last.

Before non-oily lipsticks were developed, women had to use a more tedious method to keep lipstick on. The lips had to be blotted or powdered to remove the excess oil from the lipstick. Today's quality lipsticks have made the powder technique obsolete.

The lipstick on the teeth problem can be solved with a simple procedure. After applying your lipstick, wrap your lips around your index finger. When you pull your finger out, the excess lipstick will be removed from the inside of the lip. Notice the lipstick is on your finger and not on your teeth.

If you think that was a nifty trick, wait until I tell you how to keep lipstick off of your champagne glass!

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