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Don't give up on sun screens

By Al Varela

In recent news articles, researchers and doctors agree that most of the sun damage done to skin takes place prior to the age of eighteen.

Information like this sends mixed messages to sun worshipers who think the damage is done and wearing protection is useless.

Not true.

Many of us remember buttering up with baby oil and iodine when we were kids. Well now is the time to continue using sun products with the highest SPF (sun protection factor) based on the amount of your sun exposure.

Putting on a sunscreen after you take a final stroll around the pool to make sure everyone had a chance to see that fabulous new bikini is not going to give you much protection. Any sunscreen should be applied at least 30 minutes prior to exposure.

Also, remember to re-apply your sunscreen after swimming even if the product states it is not water soluble.

Another tip during swimming and sun bathing, is not to allow the water to dry on the skin. Be sure to dry yourself with a towel since salt and chemicals in the water have a tendency to dry out the skin.

After swimming it is essential that you cleanse and exfoliate the skin and then conclude with a moisturizer.

I recommend using Kiehl's liquid body scrub and cleanser with natural scrub particles.

A reader wants to know: Back in March, I went to a department store and bought some makeup, foundation, eye shadow, blush and lipstick. And even though it seemed fine and I've been wearing it, now the colors look funny and almost too bright for me. Can makeup change as you wear it?

Certainly makeup can change. First you must keep your cosmetics in a cool, dry and dark place. Don't store cosmetics in a medicine cabinet. Use a makeup case that you can carry to and from the bathroom unless you have a makeup area away from any moisture.

Also, it's possible that the makeup hasn't changed at all. You say that the makeup is now "too bright" which leads me to believe your skin tone has changed possibly due to increased sun exposure which will definitely change the contrast of the colors that used to look great.

Go back to your favorite cosmetic counter and see if perhaps a bronzing powder is all you need to put over your foundation to lessen the contrast. It is also a common practice for women to have a darker foundation for the summer. While you're there, be sure to pick out a fabulous pink or coral sheer lipstick , the hottest colors to wear this summer with your new bikini.

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